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Furnace and Air Conditioner Financing 0% No Money Down

Zero Percent Finiancing on Furnace and Air Conditioner | OttawaFurnaceParts.ca

Purchase a New Furnace with 0% Financing

Upgrade your existing furnace with a new more efficient one with 0% financing and no money down.

Quick and straightforward application to start your financing 

Get your new furnace or air conditioner installed by expert licensed professionals with no money down and low monthly payment. 


  • No money down
  • Quick and easy approvals
  • No penalty for early payout
  • Free at home consultation by professional technician
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We calculate the size of furnace for your home and answer all your questions to help you to find the best furnace for your home

    Payment Terms:

    • 12 months/ 1 year (0% interest) 
    • 36 months/ 3 year (6.99% interest) 
    • 48 months/ 4 year (6.99% interest) 
    • 60 months/ 5 year (6.99% interest) 
    • No money down