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Goodman, Gas Furnace, GM9C960403AN 40,000BTU

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Product Description

Two-stage, 40,000 BTU variable-speed ECM, 1200 CFM, GM9C960403AN

Product Features

  • 96% AFUE
  • Heavy-duty aluminized-steel tubular heat exchanger
  • Energy-efficient, 9-speed ECM blower motor
  • Durable silicon nitride igniter
  • Two-stage gas valve
  • Quiet, two-stage, induced-draft blower
  • Continuous air circulation
  • Self-diagnostic control board
  • Heavy-gauge steel cabinet with durable finish
  • Thermally insulated cabinet

Warranty Information

  • 10-year parts on all functional parts
  • 2 years Labor warranty (with installation only)
  • 10 years Labor warranty available for extra $400 (with installation only)

Furnace Installation Details

We offer Free 30-minute at home consultation by an expert, licensed technician before making the purchase

Pre-Installation Procedure 

 Prior to furnace installation:


  • We Calculate the furnace size
  • We Provide more details of the installation process
  • We answer all your questions

    Post-Installation Procedure

     Furnace installation includes:

    • Disconnect and disposal of the existing units
    • Full installation by an expert licensed technician
    • Replace the vent to PVC (up to 20 feet vent included any addition $10/feet)
    • Put installation tag
    • Collaborate the manifold pressure and air flow

    Upgraded Installation (if required)

     ( efficient return and media air cleaner $500, based riser cabin $150)

    A ductwork system is designed to distribute airflow from the furnace to your entire home and is sucked from the whole home into the furnace.

    Most of the ducts connected to furnace and their filtration system need to be upgraded.

    With upgraded installation, we perform the following additional procedures:

    1)  Install an efficient return boot elbow with turning vane

    Turning vanes are designed to be installed in the return boot elbow to reduce resistance and turbulence to the flow of air. The air is guided by the vanes, helping it change the direction easily

    2)  Install a media air cleaner (filter) MERV 11

    Maximizes the filtration and makes house healthier
    Maximizes the air flow through filter
    16×25×5 (up to 1400 cfm) for 40k and 60k BTU furnace
    20×25×5 (up to 2000 cfm) for 80K,100K, and 120K BTU furnace

    3) Furnace based riser cabin for 80k BTU and up (AMP- BSRB)

    Increases furnace air flow by allowing air return to the furnace from the side and bottom.