Flue Collector Box (front cover)  20170904AS
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Flue Collector Box (front cover) 20170904AS

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Product Description

This Collector Box can be used for furnace brands Amana, Distinctions, and Goodman.

The 20170904AS replaces outdated part numbers 20170904 and 20170904A.

Replaces Flue Collector Box for Model Numbers:

          GKS90904CX, GKS90904CXAB, GKS90904CXAC, GKS90904CXAD, GKS90904CXAE, GMV90905CX, GMV90905CXBA, AKSS920904CX, AKSS920904CXAA, DK92SS0904CX, DK92SS0904CXAA, GKS90904CXAF, GKS90904CXAG, GKS90904CXAH, GMS90804C2, GMS90804C2AA, GMV90905CXA, P1257609F, P1257611F, GKS90904CXAG, GKS90904CXAH, GMS90804C2, GMS90804C2AA, GMV90905CXA